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Why Nepalese?

• The fact that Nepalese people are committed to their duties and – cannot be denied because of which countries,
especially from the Middle east and East Asian countries have shifted their interest towards Nepalese manpower by recruiting them in different categories.

• What could be the reasons behind recruiting Nepalese manpower? The reasons could definitely be the honesty, hard-work, loyalty, discipline and above all commitment Nepalese people towards one’s duties and responsibilities.

• The other reasons could be the wider choice of Nepalese manpower ranging from skilled, semi-skilled, experienced, trained and professionals, Besides, Nepalese manpower is always readily available from immediate placement.

• The other positive aspect is that procedures and formalities for recruiting Nepalese workers are comparatively more cost effective and their hiring cost is lower as compared to other countries.

• Climatic condition plays a great role. Since Nepalese people are accustomed to working in any climatic condition, there could be no problems for the employer with Nepalese people regarding climatic conditions.