Message From Chief Executive Officer

Message From Chief Executive Officer

Bridge Sky International Pvt. Ltd. is committed to create an atmosphere of building and growing together. This will allow our clients, candidates and employees to leverage our knowledge and experience to benefit themselves and or business partnerships. We maintain a commitment of high integrity, mutual trust and strong leadership.

Today, we occupy an exceptional space in the Manpower Recruitment industry. In Bridge Sky, we work seamlessly t earn the trust of our clients. We believe in the power of teamwork. We believe that with hard work and passion, anything is possible. We stive for excellence and integrity in all our works / service deliveries.

“As Chief Executive Officer of Bridge Sky International Pvt. Ltd., I pledge my full organizational support and corporate resources to attain your expectations above and beyond the standard industry levels, and to become a partner with our clients, candidates and employees. I encourage you to call us to discuss our commitment to connecting you with those that will drive your business, embrace your vision and grow your bottom line. Together we will guarantee success and satisfaction for all parties involved.”

Thank you!

Chandra Khadka
Chief Executive Officer


Welcome to Bridge Sky International, where the pursuit of excellence is a dynamically refreshed habit, not just a random occurrence. Give us the privilege to bridge the gap between employer and employee.